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SATT Track a Powerful and Convenient Tracking Device

The SATT Track is a military grade tracking device that can help parents, business owners and any other member of the general public. It is designed for peace of mind and to protect the people, places and things of value. This device uses the very latest GPS GPRS A+GPR GSM systems which provides a service which was once only available to military and intelligence services. It allows for real time live tracking from the internet through our web-based software. It can be used by virtually anybody with internet access and a secure password.

The site is fully secure using military grade encryption yet still gives easy access to the user. By logging in to this site using a unique password parents can see were there children are or have been. Employers can monitor their company vehicles. Spouses can confirm or relieve suspicions of infidelity.

Once on to our site you can follow the trackers path by map, satellite or hybrid view. This is worldwide; wherever the tracker goes you can see it on the map. Just make sure it’s charged and you have credit on the sim. If your son, daughter, elderly relative is traveling you can follow them on the map. If you send your salesman down the Orinoco River you can follow their progress in real time. If you are about to let your child walk home from school you can see the street he or she is in. If need be you can even attach the device to a pets collar it’s so small.

Panic Button for Emergency Notification.  For those who are working under emergency conditions such as doctors or nurses on house calls the device has a built in SOS emergency notification. Press the panic button and in seconds, a covert distress signal will be sent via e-mail and or text message to a custom contact number or e-mail address. Automatically, a location icon will appear on the map thus showing the GPS Tracker's location quickly and easily. This device is currently used in high risk environments where there is a risk of kidnap.

This is big brother with a difference- the difference is you are the big brother. You have at your fingertips all the information to protect your assets or the people you love. For more information on our innovative GPS tracking devices and mapping, please e-mail info@satttrack.com or call sales on +44(0)289 147 0010.